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Choose The Best Hotels in Pune

Finding the right hotel in Pune can be a hard task as there are a number of great hotels that have come up in the past few years.

You need to find something that’s comfortable and affordable at the same time. Residents can now choose from a wide variety of luxury hotels which offer world class services at very affordable rates.

Pune being a business city has seen an increase in the number of people visiting the city. I suggest you do some research online before you visit the city.

Pune is one of the finest examples of a perfect blend of contemporary and the traditional in the country. This city has managed to preserve the ancient while the modern grew. There are also a lot of tourists who visit the city because it is home to the world renowned Osho Meditation resort. You see a lot of travelers from all around the world coming here to visit this resort. Pune also has many of the best educational institutions in the country which is why it is known to be a major center of learning in the country. The city has seen a growth in both cosmopolitan and urban population which has lead to the rise in swanky malls and happening shopping areas. This is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra and though a business city is a very getaway for people from Mumbai.

If you’re planning on visiting the city soon I suggest you get yourself a booking online. If you do this it is likely that you would get a room at a cheaper and discounted rate. Hotels have discounts and schemes going on through the year. They offer great discounts and special services for frequent customers. Booking online would mean that you would enjoy the best service by paying the least. I suggest you do some research online before you go ahead book yourself a room in the most reputed hotel in Pune. People often tend to think that the biggest hotel or a worldwide chain hotel would offer the best services. I strongly suggest you go through user reviews and recommendations.

There are a number of 3 star and 4 star hotels in Pune that offer world class facilities to their customers. If you have a friend who has visited the city ask him or her to give you advice, ask them about their experience in the hotel they stayed at. If you’re on a business trip make sure you check in to a hotel which is close to your company or office. If you’ve come to see and explore the city make sure you check in to place which is centrally located. Here is a list of hotels of the best budget hotels which offer great services at affordable rates.

Beverly Hills located in The Camp area
Le Royce located at Bund garden
Park Central in Koregaon park
Bel air suites and service apartments in Koregoan park
Parc Estique located close to the airport
Royal Orchid Golden suites located in Kalyani Nagar

Tips To Consider While Looking for a Sports Team Hotel

If your team has a tournament, it is important to arrange for an accommodation early enough. Edmonton is one of the North America’s favorite destinations and millions of visitors come here every year. There are many annual festivals again making in the city.

Well, you will enjoy more than sporting action as there is always a festival, show or event going on in the city.

What’s more, the West Edmonton Mall (WEM) offers a great shopping experience for your players once the action on the field is done. While this is Canada’s Festival Capital, there is still much sporting action with the city’s Eskimos and Oilers being favorites in football and hockey respectively. Skating action is always available at WEM and lacrosse hockey is popular at the St. Albert.

Why Choose a Sports Team Hotel

While there are hundreds of world class facilities in the city, it is important to use one that specializes in sports team accommodation packages. Such as transportation for easy accessibility to reach the venues on time. What’s more, you will get great group rates and the finest rooms available. The food is also prepared with health and fitness in mind. In essence, you enjoy tailored-services to suit your specific needs. The best part of it is the invaluable local information the staff has in case you want to explore the area.

How to Find the Best Sports Hotel

Now that you appreciate the importance of using custom accommodation, how do you identify the best facility? Here are some few ideas:

1. Location

Location is paramount when choosing a place to stay. If you are playing at the Commonwealth Stadium, make sure you find an establishment nearby. It is important to find an easily accessible facility where your team will not have difficulties getting to your venue. More importantly, choose a place where the group can easily access the best attractions including WEM, North Saskatchewan River Valley and Whyte Avenue for art and cultural events among others.

2. Space

Unlike ordinary guests, you need more space because of the gear you will be carrying. Make sure you assess the space and ensure everyone will be comfortable throughout the stay. When making accommodation arrangements, check the room options available and discuss them with the group.

3. Rates

Hotels can be expensive and one way of saving is to stay in the same place as a group in order to enjoy better rates. Compare the rates from different establishments and find the most affordable package.

4. Security

When travelling as a group, you are more vulnerable to theft and the hotel management must guarantee your safety. Ask if there are extra security measures in place to protect guests and their belongings.

What Makes a Hotel Good?

When planning a holiday, whether you are staying nationally or you want to travel abroad, your hotel choice is a very important one that can decide whether you have an enjoyable holiday or whether you find yourself leaving disappointed. It’s all well focusing on star ratings, everyone knows that five star is sheer luxury, but what you feel makes a hotel a good choice may differ from the next person.

There are a few things you can take into consideration when choosing a hotel to ensure that it is the right match for you. Remember everyone has their own unique holiday requirements from what they want to do while on holiday to their budget. This can be taken into consideration to ensure you have the best hotel experience whenever you go on holiday moving forward.

One of the main things you are going to want to take careful note of is the service provided by any hotel. A hotels service is what can make it the best holiday experience, or the absolute worst. Hotels strive to provide guests with outstanding service, though some do provide a better service than others from cleanliness to guest services and more. Go through the online reviews and read up on what past guests have to say about the service that they have received now and in the past.

Location is another very big factor which needs to be taken into any decisions you make. You may pick a fantastic hotel which is just outside the ideal location area. The fact you may struggle with transport and to get to see all the sights and attractions you wanted to see will heavily influence your overall view of the hotel itself. Ensure you have some idea of what you want to do when visiting a certain city or location and then choose a hotel that is ideally located so you can get to complete your entire itinerary with ease and confidence.

With service and location out of the way, you need to have a look at the facilities provided by the hotel. In general, you will find that when choosing a hotel with a higher star rating, you will have more facilities at your fingertips. What is important to you when you are on holiday? Do you need access to a gym? Do you enjoy pampering yourself at a wellness centre? Do you want twenty four hour room service, a concierge service or valet parking? Make a note of what you believe is important when it comes to the facilities and services provided by the hotel and then tick them off in order of priority, this can help you find a good hotel that meets your unique holiday or business travel needs and budget.

It is always a good idea to try and choose a hotel that has an on-site restaurant. You will find after a day of exploring the sights or a day filled with tail to tail business meetings, you will appreciate having the convenience of having a restaurant close at hand, rather than going out and trying to find one. In addition to this, most hotels with their own on-site restaurant will provide room service, which is always an added bonus after a long day.

Rooms should be well designed and appointed and provide you with the basic amenities you need to make your stay enjoyable. The hotel should provide you with a choice of room types, so you can make a selection based on your needs and budget. Being able to choose your room type ensures you find a good hotel that you may want to use again in the future.

Choose the Right Hotels in New Delhi

New Delhi is the paradise of adventure lovers, historic fanatics and food enthusiasts.

The modern buildings and busy streets make New Delhi while the magnificent edifices and other tourist attractions are seen at Old Delhi. Delhi travel guide is indeed very essential for those who enter Delhi for the first time.

This will help you to choose the right hotels in New Delhi. Most of the hotels in Delhi offer pre-booking a month before and many of them offer airport or railway station pickup.

If you are looking for cozy and luxurious hotel, The Taj Mahal Hotel will serve your purpose. This has five star rating and is situated in Lutyens just two kilometers from Rashtrapati Bhavan. It is easily accessible from Delhi railway station as it is only 5 kilometers from there. The traditional ayurvedic treatments and the Swedish massages at the inbuilt spa in this hotel are very popular. If you are very much cared about your looks, there is a beauty salon here. There are 294 rooms and suites and they offer the pool view and city view. 24 hours wi-fi, satellite television with premium channels and international direct dial phones are some of the other features.

The Imperial New Delhi is a five star hotel located near Palika Bazaar. This luxurious retreat is located in close proximity to India Gate, National Museum and Jantar Mantar. There are five mutli-cuisine restaurants within the premises of the hotel. The health club, spa and bars are also included. All the rooms have balconies. One can have the view of the garden, courtyard and the city from there. The premium bedding and plasma televisions make the stay in this hotel in New Delhi a desirable one.

Both the above said hotels are cozy, luxurious and very expensive. The pricing of these hotels in New Delhi starts above 12,000 INR. However if you are looking for moderately priced hotels, there are many two star and three star hotels at affordable rates. Hotel Le Ro located near Connaught place is one of them. It is close to Sadar Bazaar and Jama Masjid and the room rent starts from 2,500 INR. It offers complimentary breakfast and features 24 hour room service, porter service, wi-fi and coffee shop. The Wi-Fi access is free to all and all the rooms are air-conditioned. This hotel has three star rating and so you can expect quality service from them.

Hotel The Pearl is also a three star hotel that offer kind support to its guests. This is located in the heart of the city near Connaught Place, Red Fort, Jama Masjid and Jantar Mantar. The hotel has concierge services that help you to book tickets to various destinations and sporting events. As pre-booking for all the major attractions in Delhi are done here, you need not go and stand in queue in particular spot. The rooms are featured with high-speed wireless internet access, 32 inch flat televisions, air condition and round the clock hot water. You can enjoy your dinner at the roof top restaurant located here. Those affordable New Delhi restaurants and New Delhi hotels will not disappoint you for sure.

Why Choose Boutique Hotels?

Boutique hotels represent the best of the hotel industry. They are luxurious, unique, and innovative and offer the highest standards of service and customer care.

So what makes a boutique hotel different from a normal 5 star hotel? The main difference is usually the styling and branding of the hotel – its contemporary design, and its modern provision of services.

The term ’boutique hotel’ was started in New York, by journalists who used the term to describe the modern contemporary hotels that had started to pop up around the city and become extremely popular. And it is this contemporary description which distinguishes boutique hotels from traditional luxury hotels. In addition, the newest hotels tend to offer all the technological extras that so many older hotels do not have.

Today, services like Wi-Fi, telephone, air-conditioning, and satellite television are expected as standard. However, in a boutique hotel, technology is used to provide the very latest services and to add to the luxury, they go that extra mile. For example, many have built in tablets or computer screens, touch screen controls for music, temperature, security, room service and lighting in each room, and so on.

Travellers choose boutique hotels when they want the very best of traditional luxury hotel service with a truly modern and contemporary edge. And this means every aspect of the service, not just how the hotel looks, for example,Egyptian cotton bedding, exclusive interior fabrics, high-end bathroom products, huge fluffy towels, fresh fruit, 24 hour room service, personal room maids, concierge, shopping services and more.

Boutique hotels are known for having relaxed and comfortable atmospheres, where guests can enjoy receiving five star service, luxury, and privacy while also feeling completely at home. Many of the world’s most famous five start hotels are very formal and often lack the relaxed, modern atmosphere that so many travellers are looking for. Boutique hotels offer this.

If you are looking for the best levels of service, accommodation, and cuisine, and want to experience a luxury hotel with a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, and attractive contemporary d├ęcor, you should choose a boutique hotel. Many of the world’s finest establishments have been designed by leading names in the fashion, art, and the interior design world. It has given these hotels their own unique identity and makes them stand out from the norm.

Unfortunately, because they are so popular, many hotel owners and chains are using the popular term to describe their own establishments, and they do not always live up to the true luxury standards of these types of establishment. So be careful and only book with a trusted service.

So that you are not disappointed, it is best to find your hotel using a reputable booking service that offers genuine deals for accommodation within the world’s finest boutique hotels. It is possible to book yourself a stay in a wonderful modern and luxurious establishment for a very reasonable cost, and the best booking services will only offer deals on the best luxury hotels and guest houses.

By booking through a trusted and well-known service, you can be sure you will be staying in a top class hotel and enjoying the finest food, accommodation, and service, from the moment you arrive until you check out. Discerning travellers are choosing a luxury hotel experience over discount accommodation because of the high levels of service they know they can enjoy.

We all work hard to earn a living, and when we are travelling, we all deserve to have the best facilities and services. Boutique hotels are the answer if you are travelling and want the best accommodation.